Monday, August 24, 2020

Students Still Need to Move: 9 Brain Breaks to Help Zoom Fatigue

Zoom Fatigue?  Students still need to move.  Maybe more than ever we need to encourage students to get up and move around during their online learning.  A little break in the middle of your lesson or video or slide presentation would help.  I'm planning on giving one brain break per class period.

Here are some ideas of how to use a brain break in remote learning.

  • In the midst of your lesson via Google Meet or Zoom time, put in a brain break slide. I have included 9 different of my favorite Brain Breaks in slide form.  Do you present with SmartBoard or PowerPoint or Google Slides?  Each of the following files have 9 Brain Breaks with video explanations. (Link to SmartBoard, PowerPoint or Google Slides Click Here)
  • In the middle of a video you have put together for your students, pause and ask your students to stand and walk through a brain break with you.  
  • Do you have a Learning Management System (LMS)?  Put a module in for a Brain Break.
  • Zoom Time:  I have included a few partner brain breaks below.  Explain the Brain Break (or show the video)  Then separate your students into breakout rooms of 3-4 students each and give them 2 minutes to do the Brain Break.  

Here are 9 of my favorites


These are partner brain breaks.  I would suggest using breakout rooms in Zoom.

 Feel free to download any of these 

Google Slides:  A Few Energizing Brain Breaks

PowerPoint: A Few Energizing Brain Breaks

SmartBoard: A Few Energizing Brain Breaks

Energizing Brain Breaks by David Sladkey

Energizing Brain Breaks on Amazon

More Energizing Brain Breaks by Scott Miller

More Energizing Brain Breaks on Amazon

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