Monday, June 21, 2010

A Smartboard Notebook "How To" Book Now Available

Easy Smartboard Teaching Templates
The book is finally here. "Easy Smartboard Teaching Templates" is a book full of great ideas for helping you make lessons for your Smartboard. It is a 'HOW TO' book of using SMARTBOARD notebook software. It is an excellent resource for beginners to advanced users. The book explains in great detail how to make and use any of the 25 teaching templates that we have covered in the Podcasts. It is full of color cardstock pages. It is spiral bound with laminated front and back cover. This is a great resource for people to have something in their hand to explore as opposed to just looking at instructions on the screen. The book is written by Scott Miller and David Sladkey who host the Teaching with Smartboard Podcast. For more information click here. To see some sample pages please click here. The cost of the book is $16.95 plus shipping.

Click Here to goto Teaching with Smartboard to purchase the book.