Saturday, October 31, 2015

What I Learned at ICTM 2015 in Tinley Park IL (Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference)

I loved going to ICTM 2015 in Tinley Park IL this year.  I went with some colleagues from my school district and that always makes it more fun.  Thanks @tjgebbie @RachelFruin @smiller229 @PhelanHoward  and @1kjwilliams

Jo Boaler  @joboaler  Mathematics Educator, Author,  and Stanford Researcher

Eli Luberoff @eluberoff Creator of Desmos  

These two speakers were outstanding.  Here are just the highlights of some of the things I learned.  

Jo Boaler  

Questions that we should be asking our students…
Why does that work?
Can your ideas be represented in different ways?
Why do those methods work?  
How are they connect to others?
Why does the answer make sense?

Quotes that I loved…
To her students she would say….I’m giving you this feedback because i believe in you.
Math should never be associated with speed
Timed tests cause the early onset of math anxiety
When teachers ask me how this can be possible, I tell them that the best thinking we have on this now is that the brain sparks and grows when we make a mistake, even if we are not aware of it, because it is a time of struggle; the brain is challenged and the challenge results in growth.
Math is too much answer time and not enough learning time
Everyone can reach the highest mathematics levels
Growth mindset brains had enhanced brain responses to mistakes
The lowest achievers in the world are the memorizers

What you need to have Low Floor High Ceiling Tasks
Get Buy In
Students don’t always have to use the language of mathematics
Give Explore time
Devise their own strategies
Individual time BEFORE groups
Have Students listening to each other
No one stepped in to help.
Have your students use a good type of arguing

Eli Luberoff @Desmos @eluberoff

What a personable guy.  That was a day that was spent with someone who was really excited to see Math Teachers learning new things.  Here are just a few of my memorable moments.

Regression is a SNAP.  If you haven’t looked into DEMOS and regression you should go here to try it out.

In response to new features Eli would always respond enthusiastically.  
"Not Yet" but we are working on it.

Central Park helps students to gain an algebraic concept by discovery and decreasing fear of failure.

The Activity Builder is searchable and lessons can be copied.

The necessity principle
for student to learn what we intend to teach them they must have a need for it, where need means intellectual need not social or economic need
Guershon Harel

And of course getting a selfie with friends and Eli himself was a lot of fun.