Thursday, October 20, 2011

I AM A ...Stand Up, Auditory, Randomly Chosen Students Activity

1.  Have your students stand up.
2.  Have 5 "I am a..." questions ready to ask.  (I have given you a few examples below)
3.  Tell the students that they are not to shout out answers for this activity.  They should think of the answer and be ready to give it when called on.  
4.  Explain to your students that you will be calling students at random for the answer.  Also explain that they will be doing this completely by listening to the question.  They will not be allowed to write out anything.
5.  Give the question and then give the students some "think" time before you call on someone. 
6.  Call on someone to answer the question.  Have them justify the answer.
7.  Call a new person to verify or change the answer.   Do this until you get 2 people in a row to verify an answer. 
8.  Verify the answer yourself and then move to the next question.

It is a great lesson on LISTENING and MENTAL MATH.  It only takes a couple of minutes and the students like it.   You get a high involvement rate because you are being called on at random. This is an activity that I do not assess.  It is also a great review session that breaks up the regular day.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

All the Best,

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