Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Feedback with a WORD

Feedback is important.  Here is an idea to try to get some more feedback to our students.  Give them a WORD that represents them.  Give them a WORD for them.  No other student in the class has that word.  That means no repeats in that particular class.  (I have 4 classes so I used some words repeatedly in different classes)

Students like this kind of feedback is that it is personal.   It is a way that they stand out to me and most students like that feeling of being special.  The second reason that students like this kind of feedback is that it is concise.  It is easy to remember a word.

I was scared to try this at first.  I wondered if the students would not care or think it was silly.  However, I have received a lot of feedback from students saying they really liked hearing something directly about them from me.  It is funny that I'm getting feedback on the feedback I gave.

All the words that I'm handing out are Growth Mindset words or phrases.  Here is a list   http://tinyurl.com/growthmindsetwords They are also at the bottom of this post.

Give your students a gift today.  Give them a WORD!

What do you think?  Do you have any Words or Phrases to add to the list?