Friday, December 9, 2011

Find all the Conics that you can in this 1 minute Video

Conics are EVERYWHERE.  I just took a flip video and taped of a few clips of some conic sections around town and then put them in a 1 minute video.  I asked the students to remember as many of the images that they could.  They were to try to identify the shape (parabola, ellipse, hyperbola, or circle) and what the object was.  It was very interesting to hear the discussion.

Some observations the students made.

The Taco-Bell clip looks like the bottom of the bell is an ellipse, whereas the top part looked like a parabola. There were some arches that looked like a semi-ellipse.
Someone pointed out the circle that is the steering wheel and the tires on cars.
The tower was a parabolic dish.
McDonald's had two parabolas.
The gas station had an elliptical sign.
There was a big argument about the wires on the sidewalk. The only thing it was not called was circular.
The stone arrangement looked like a semi-circle. Since the video is from an angle it almost looks like an semi-ellipse.
The bridge had some discussion as well between a hyperbola and a parabola.
The last clip was simply a nuclear plant shaped like a hyperbola.

Most of all, it created some great MATH discussions. Give it a try.