Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Graphing Polar Equations with Desmos (online graphing calculator) and Padlet (online bulletin board)

This was easy.
We had just covered polar equations in precalculus. I then told each student they should make a cool design using 10 or less equations. Wow. They really loved it. They explored well beyond what we covered in class.

1. Log into and either sign in or sign up.
2. Make a desmos polar graph using 10 or less equations.  Use r= equations and use theta as your variable. Also you can use a polar background if you like.
3.  They should save their graph in desmos. (you can only do this if you are logged in)  Then click on share which gives you a link. Save that link.
3.  Then they had to log into the site URL that I gave them. Here it is:  They double click anywhere on the screen to make a post. I had them put their name and then put the desmos link right in the post.   I have put a picture of the padlet site.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.