Friday, July 31, 2015


The First Three Days of Class

  1. Parable of the two golfers
                    Click Here

  1. Student Partner Interviews
Place students with the new Seating Chart.     Have students interview their new partner
Share out the interviews by introducing your partner to the rest of the class and answering 2 or 3 of the questions.

  1. Partner List

This list will be used when are working in cooperative learning groups.  Click here to access it.  

  1. GRIT Discussion

Take the GRIT SCALE Quiz:  or    If you want to look at the questions again click here.  Or go to

  1. Brain Break

  1. Estimation 180
How many Almonds in the cup?

  1. Desmos Sign Up

Make a design using desmos.  There is a lot of math involved here.  Use the help button for tutorials.  Here are some examples
Spend at least 20 minutes trying to make a design.   Save and name your design. Get the url.  (use the share button) Post the url at

Period 1:

  1. Google Drive Setup
Create your folders like this in your main drive…..
__School Misc
_Home Misc
_P1 Algebra 15-16
_P2 French 15-16
_P3 Anthropology 15-16
Pictures and Videos
Z_Catch All

Color Them as you wish

_P1 Algebra 15-16
_Assignments and Projects
_Class Notes
_Important Class Stuff        passwords might be in here
Pictures and Videos

  1. Brain Break

Get in pairs.  Decide who is person A and who is person B.

Person A starts and asks Person B a question from below.  After the discussion, then person B asks Person A THE NEXT QUESTION and so on.  
  • Who is responsible for the device – what does that entail?
  • Discuss the idea of passwords and password literacies
  • Decorating of devices?
  • When can they be on social media and communicating with others?
  • Consequences of off-task behavior in class
  • Limits on personal work on device
  • Charging of devices

Pick a free space in the appropriate document below to give your thoughts on one or more of the above topics.

  1. All are True Except One
Go to the Google Slides document below and make a Slide that represents you.  Make all the things you say to be true except one.
Period 1     Period 2      Period 4     Period 6

  1. Differentiated Instruction
Dollar Bill Activity:  Invite someone to get the $1 from taped to the high part of the wall.  Then ask a person who can’t reach it to try to get it, then ask a taller person to get it.  Discuss the implications for this as we try to work together to learn more math.

Learning Style Quiz

Meet with your favorite food partner and discuss the following quote.

Quote 1:  ” ‘differentiated instruction’ refers to a systematic approach to planning curriculum and instruction for academically diverse learners.  It is a way of thinking about the classroom with the dual goals of honoring each student’s learning needs and maximizing each student’s learning capacity.”
-Carol Ann Tomlinson and Cindy Strickland

Quote 2:  
  1. Brain Break

  1. Mindset Quotes  
Read to yourself the Mindset Quotes.  3 minutes.  Which one do you identify the most with.  Why?  Now meet with your group of 4 and have each person discuss the quote they most identify with.

  1. Importance Order Smartboard Activity

  1. SMARTBoard Rules Activity

  1. Homework Expectations
Use Socrative to get opinions on what homework expectations should be.  We will build the homework framework off of these.

  1. Goals Google Form

Click here to get to the Google Form to submit your Goals.

Below is what it looks like.