Saturday, January 6, 2018

I Want My Students to ...

I want my students to ...    (in no particular order)

Have fun in class
Move while learning
Create stuff
Be respectful
Embrace learning from mistakes
Teach someone else something
Think "Whoa, this is cool"
Have an "I can do this" attitude
Give/Take advice freely
Discern what others say mathematically
Notice patterns
Enjoy a challenge
Ask questions
Understand/Believe in many different approaches to a problem.
Transfer learning to new places within the course
Work hard
Listen closely to others
Connect ideas
Feel safe and a part of a collaborative community
Care about others and know that others care

I hope my students....
Love rigor
Transfer ideas to new places outside the course
Say that Math is their favorite subject
Get the grade they want
Are organized
Set personal goals
Ask questions for curiosity sake alone
Are completely ready for next years course

Please help me with this list.  What else?  Please leave a comment with your thoughts on what should be added.