Thursday, April 24, 2008


Actually it is I love this site because it is a way to organize all my favorite sites and allow them to be seen by others. Most importantly, they are all kept online so that I can use them from any computer. This site is perfect for the person who browses the web and finds a sites they like. All they have to do is click on a button (this is a quick install and goes directly into your browser) to TAG your site. This tagging system will give you suggestions of what categories to put your site in. Tagging gives you the ability to access your site through multiple names. For instance you might have a site on factoring. You would might tag this site with these names: algebra trinomials teaching factoring interactive.
There are other sites that do the same thing. I know that also does some of the same things. I started on delicious and like it so I will probably continue with it.
One thing that was a great relief to me was that I can import from my browser all of my current favorites. Also, I can export them back if need be.

Here is my delicious account:

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The students will remember anything that becomes a part of their life. Make it important to each student. Answer the question WHY DO WE NEED TO KNOW THIS? HOW DOES IT BENEFIT US? Repetition is listening to the same song-eating the same pizza-talking with the same friend on the phone etc