Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Dream Classroom Design

Our school is undergoing some renovation. Every room will be changed. We are trying to design the ultimate classroom. Will you help? I have put down a few of my ideas on the Voice Thread. I would love to hear your ideas on this. You can comment on Voice Thread by typing in a comment, or using a microphone and verbally giving your comment, or you could even phone in your comment. Just click on the comment button (on the Voice Thread above) and join in. If you want to hear or see other peoples comments just click on their image.
Hope to hear from you,

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Cilla said...

This is for a high school I take it? Do you stay in the same room all day? I am in a Behavior Management class - on my way to become a certified high school teacher - I came across your blog in my search for sample classroom designs. Our assignment is to draw up a classroom design. If I stole yours my professor would know I was cheating. :) But your ideas are fantastic. Good luck with this - glad your school is getting the funding for this sort of multi-media, desk and work station arrangement and the autonomy (for you) to be able to set this up as you like.