Saturday, October 3, 2009

Using Flip Videos to help students teach students

We used the class set of Flip Videos last week. It worked out well. The students worked in pairs and solved a word problem from the section we were on. It was actually a homework problem. We have desks that can be written on. So the pair of students wrote some key information about the problem on the desks with their whiteboard makers. Then, they each explained how to do part of the problem. They watched what they did and if it wasn't good, they redid the problem. If they liked what they did, they gave me back the Flip Video and I downloaded the video to my computer. I then put the videos on YouTube and linked them to my site. Students then could watch the different problems from home with the added benefit of stopping and rewinding the video if they needed to.
The rules were simple. 1. Make sure your problem is correct before you explain it. 2. All people in the group must take a turn in explaining how to do the problem. 3. It must be 3 minutes or less in length. 4. You must do the video in one take, so plan out what you want to say. 5. Lastly, have fun.
See the video for an example.

Here is the link to other Flip Video Problems

How have you used Flip Video's in your class?


Kate Nowak said...

That's cool! And looks very well executed on your part. I wish I had enough cameras to do this.

NoT...InSaNe...yet!!! said...

What a great idea! Once the videos were completed they could be uploaded to a class website, blog, or wiki for students to view.

If you don't mind sharing, what type of video camera do you use? Do you upload the videos to the website, or do you have the students do that?