Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Minute to Win it Circuits.....Move and Learn

Yesterday I made a math problem so that it took up one whole page of typing paper.  I cut it up into 6 equal pieces that were approximately 3 by 3 inches.  I put it a random order and put a paper clip on it.  I did this for 5 problems in all and 2 sets of each for a total of 10 questions.  I have 20 students in my class.  So I had my students work in pairs.  It is real easy to cut these problems up with a paper cutter. See the above cut out lines that I took with the problem.

Then I put the 5 stations with 2 sets of the same problem around the room.  Four people, or two pairs of partners would be at each station.  I would then have them start on the problem and set the timer for ONE MINUTE.  The partners together would have to unscramble the pieces and then solve the problem.  They would write their answer down on their paper.  Once they were done, they could check the answer that is provided at each station.  After the minute was over and students had checked their answers, I told them to rotate.  They went to the next station and we did the process all over again.

I was happy with the outcome because they seemed to enjoy trying to figure out the puzzle and do the math.  It also helps the students to MOVE and LEARN.  They are moving after each problem. 

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Anonymous said...

I love your idea of making a puzzle for the students, and how they have to piece it together.

I've done something similar to this where students move from station to station (where each station consists of just two desks) after they complete a problem. What I like to do is put the answer the problem they completed at the NEXT station. For example, I write my problems on index cards that are taped down onto the desk at each station. The front has the problem that students must solve. The back is the solution of the previous problem. This means that they can check for their solution AFTER the move to the next station.

Do you play the song in the background too? It's so funny how crazy students react when the Minute to Win It song is playing in the background!