Monday, January 21, 2013

Energizing Teaching Tools

I just finished this book. I'm excited about this book because it will help students participate with you in their learning.  It is a call to student action in the classroom.  The first section of the book deals with measuring student engagement.  The second part of the book deals with specific tools to build student engagement.  You can view the table of contents below for the topics that will be covered.  ENERGIZING TEACHING TOOLS is an easy reading book that any teacher can open to find some valuable tools.  It is a spiral bound flip book that is full of quick, practical ideas to increase your class participation.  It has a laminated front and back cover with 75 card stock pages.  Pictured on the front cover is the Engagement Wheel which is a self-evaluation tool to help measure the engagement level of your students.  There are also 50 teaching tools to help build a positive classroom environment and to involve your students.  Energizing Teaching Tools includes sections on the Engagement Wheel, Questioning, Classroom Climate, Classroom Activities, Physical Changes in your Room, Attitude Adjustments and Dealing with Parents.  50% of the author’s profit will go to a Chicago Public School.  To purchase the book please go to to the website  To purchase the book please go to to a website   Amazon  Corwin Publishing  Barnes and Noble 

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