Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Partner/Group Work: The Student Engagement Wheel and Energizing Teaching Tools

This is one of the "spokes" of the Student Engagement Wheel.  The Student Engagement Wheel is show below.  Use the Student Engagement Wheel to help you measure the student engagement in your class.  

These are pages out of the book called "Energizing Teaching Tools"  More information is located at the website or at the blog post How to Measure Student Engagement?


Mrs. Reid said...

Dave, this is a great idea. How often do you use this and then reflect on this throughout the week? I am printing one now and going to check it out tomorrow. I teach High School algebra I and Geometry and a lot of my students struggle with focus, participating in class (or we have the same few students participating), and with engaging in general. Any other suggestions besides the wheel? Thanks, Jen

Tonya Roberts said...

I agree, small groups are very beneficial in large classroom settings. It provides a more intimate setting and sometimes makes it easier for students to relate to their peers about common questions in the classroom. I recently watched a video that i thought was interesting,Katie Gimbar's video, Why I flipped my classroom and found this to be an interesting subject. One of the things Gimbar does when she flips her classroom is break her students into smaller groups. This is a better way to interact with the students on a level that is appropriate for how fast they grasp the material.