Friday, July 12, 2013

Helping our MATH students through EXERCISE!

Please join me in a Move and Learn Journey.  Paul Zientarski talks about how we can use PE Class and Math Class to work together to help our students.   Paul Zientarski was the PE Department Chair at Naperville Central High School for many years.  He was the pioneer along with Phil Lawler for the Learning Readiness PE Program (LRPE).  More information is at his website  There a a few videos that you will find very interesting.  I have listed them here:

Why do kids do better in school after exercise? 
What happens to your brain after you exercise? 
A Program that has PE directly before MATH and ENGLISH Classes: LRPE 
What Steps Should a PE Teacher take to start a LRPE (Learning Readiness Physical Education) Prog
What is the Ideal PE class to help students physically and academically? 
There is tremendous value in heart rate monitors in school part 1 
There is tremendous value in heart rate monitors in school part 2 
There are challenges when implementing the LRPE prgram 
What a student should do BEFORE their Standardized Test. 
What roles do the Administrator and Classroom Teacher play in the LRPE program 

Paul Zientarski is a retired PE Teacher and Instructional Coordinator at Naperville Central High School in Naperville IL.  He along with Phil Lawler are the pioneers of the "Learning Readiness P.E. program.  This is where students take an activity based PE class before their core academic classes like Math and English.  He is a speaker and consultant.  You can follow Paul at @PaulZientarski on twitter.  His website is at



Eric Merryman said...

Hello, my name is Eric Merryman in EDM310 attending the University of South Alabama. I just wanted to say that this is really interesting, I never thought that exercise could have an effect on thinking skills, but I am motivated to look deeper into it and trying it out myself. Thanks for bringing this to people's attention.

Carla Young said...

Hello my name is Carla Young. I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I have commented on your blog before and have found your post very interesting. This I found particularly interesting, because I am planning on teaching Math as well. I think it is a great idea to have the students have a P.E. class before their core classes. This can allow them to let out some of the energy they have built up from the day. I know when i was in Middle School and High School we had P.E. at the very end of the day. So, we were in the classroom all day and did not get up and get to move around to let out some of the energy we had built up. I look forward to checking back in and reading more in the future.