Monday, May 23, 2016

You are Not Defined by a Grade

This is a note to self...

You are not defined by a grade, a number, a letter, a percentage, or a category.  These are labels.  They are not giving the whole picture of who you are.   Do you sometimes dwell on the high category you were rated at.  Other times do you wallow in the low percentage you earned.  Both are like grabbing the wind.  These are labels.   Remember that you are not defined by a label like a grade.  You are so much more than a grade.   Grades are temporary.  A percentage, a number or a grade can never give the whole picture of who you are.  It is fleeting and it will pass very soon.  So ACKNOWLEDGE your label.  This just means that you need to recognize that a label was given to you.  Secondly, REFLECT and LEARN from your label.  Maybe you need to be more humble, or maybe you need to try a little harder next time.  Lastly, you need to MOVE ON.  Labels are quickly in the past and they don't define who we are.

One other thing I want to tell you.  You are important.  You impact this world.  This world needs you.   So give a little back today.  Give a smile.  Engage in conversion and actually listen to the response.  Give a compliment to someone difficult in your life.  Write a note of thanks to someone who would never expect it.  Give your best even though you don't feel like it.  Go the extra mile for someone or something even though no one is looking.  Put a little extra time in your schedule today to just notice others and their needs.   When you do this you will smile and be at peace.  So go and make a difference.

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