Tuesday, November 22, 2011

13 Reasons I'm THANKFUL for being a TEACHER!

Here are some reasons why I'm THANKFUL for being a teacher!

1.  Every Day is Different 
Actually every class is different, every student is different, every parent is different... and so on.  I love the fact that the activities are always varied, and thus always fresh.

2.  I get to answer questions.
There is a certain amount of pride in answering questions.  If students ask questions, I know that they want to know something more.

3.  My Students.
I love the energy of young people.  I thrive working with students and the fresh ideas they bring.  Spending time with young people keeps me young.

4.  I get to use new technology daily.
SMARTBoard, Flip Videos, Laptops, Tablet Laptops, Computer Lab, and of course MY CALCULATOR.

5.  Problem Solving. 
Teaching gives me a chance to problem solve on a daily basis.  I find the challenges engaging.  They give me a sense of accomplishment.  How do students best learn?  How can I make the material engaging?

6.  My Colleagues
I love working with the people in my department and my school.  They are so supportive and downright fun to be with. 

7.  Coaching
Coaching gives me a chance to work with my students in a different way.  I love working with a team to try to accomplish something you can't alone.

8.  Our new facility
Our school finished the renovation project this year.  It is gorgeous.  Check out my room in this video.

9.  Math
I love math.  I love numbers.  I get to work with numbers everyday. 

10.  Stories
First of all, I get to tell my family stories about my adventures in teaching.   Secondly,  I realize that I need to find out each student's story.   

11.  Former Students
It is so rewarding to have former students stay in touch with me.  I recently saw a former student of mine and she is currently a teacher herself.  It was terrific to see her passion for her students and for her profession. 

12.  I get PAID for doing something I love!

13.  I'm also very thankful for vacations.  Thanksgiving, Holiday Break, Spring Break, and SUMMER!

What are you thankful for?
Happy Thanksgiving,


Ms_CJ said...

Are you sure this shouldn't be called the 13 reasons? There is a double number 8, unless they are supposed to be connected and I didn't realize it.

Dave Sladkey said...

That made me laugh out loud. I think I will change it to 13 reasons. I didn't realize there was two 8's.
Thanks for calling attention to that.

Marvin Byrd said...

Very Good Post. I especially agree with #12. It truly is a blessing to get paid to do something you love. Many can't understand why I say that being that I am a Teacher. Being a teacher is awesome!!