Sunday, July 30, 2017

Eraser Ban

I'm mulling over an ERASER BAN in my math classes this year.  What do you think?
  ERASER BAN = No erasers allowed.  Always strike-through your mistakes.  Pens are encouraged.

If students do not erase in class, then we all get to see a progression of their thinking.  It is a chance to say that it is OK to try something and not be sure.  When students don't erase it will be a reminder that WE WON'T GET IT PERFECT EVERY TIME.  We should model the ERASER BAN ourselves when we do work with them on the board and one on one work.  If I implement this ban then I will  need to provide more space for all problems in any worksheet we give.  Should this ERASER BAN be for all parts of class?  Or should/could it be at certain times in the class? The most beautiful part of this ban would be that you wouldn't have eraser crumbs everywhere in your room anymore!
No More Eraser Crumbs
I would love to know your thoughts on this topic.  I'm still trying to put my mind around the possibility.     
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By the way, I got the idea from a presenter Amber McCormick @EdTechAmber at ISTE.  She teaches Global Studies K-5 and uses Sketchnotes to help her students. 


Denise Gaskins said...

Be sure to specify a single strike-out line only. Otherwise, you'll get a lot of scribbled messes.

Dave Sladkey said...

This is great advice Denise. The single strike-through will allow students and teachers to see what was done. Thanks for sharing.

Megan Holmstrom said...

I have seen this with Dr. Deborah Ball (UM) and her ES students in the Elementary Math Lab (summers)... she encourages them to 'change' or 'add-to' their thinking, but not to erase anything. Instead, suggesting the line through (not scribbled or crossed off completely). I have taken this back to classrooms and requested the same: change and update your thinking, add to your thinking when you hear new ideas or have more learning to add... keep the history of your thinking so you can go back and follow to understand.

Dave Sladkey said...

Thanks for your thoughts Megan. I'm really intrigued at this. I'm wondering if you have a hard fast rule or if it is just a suggestion to not erase your work?